Wow stamina calculator

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Lightning's Blade. Sisters of Elune. Steamwheedle Cartel. The Forgotten Coast. Thorium Brotherhood. Bronze Dragonflight. Chamber of Aspects. Conseil des Ombres. Culte de la Rive noire. Defias Brotherhood. Der abyssische Rat. Der Mithrilorden. Der Rat von Dalaran. Die Silberne Hand.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 8 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts AM. Thread: Stamina to hp conversion. Stamina to hp conversion First off the disclaimer: I'm not anymore playing my paladin to any large degree.

wow stamina calculator

My main is a shaman healer, and as such I'm a bit behind on the tanking mechanics. When I do tank it's on my death knight, so not one of the classes I'm wondering a bit about here. Now, I've been looking a bit at our tanks lately, and I'm a bit confused about the amount of HP each of them have -basically the pally is above which he should be, being slightly better geared but not as much as I'd think looking at their stamina.

The math: Our dreanei female prot pally has 33 hp unbuffed looking at her in wow-heroes armoury's down Her stamina at this point of time is In comparison our dreanei female prot warrior has 33 hp on that site. Her stamina is In other words: Our pally has about hp more -being stamina above.

I've looked at a warrior talent calculator and can't see any talents that increase stamina to hp conversion. Do warriors have a higher base hp pool without also having higher base stamina? The warrior is not having a shout buff on the page, to have that covered.

Reply With Quote. I listen to thisand I don't care what you think. Re: Stamina to hp conversion Thanks, the base HP table was exactly the type of thing I was looking for.Stamina is the stat responsible for how many hit points your character has. Stamina converts to hit points for all classes, mobs, and NPCs at a rate of In other words, one point of Stamina gives 10 hit points.

There are many talents and abilities that will increase a players stamina by a percentage or flat value, but there are none that change the Stamina:HP conversion. Stamina is found on Blue Gems. Agility is a melee-oriented stat that gives bonuses in the way of critical strike rating, attack power, dodge, and armor. It is a primary tanking stat for Feral Bear Druids because of their main reliance on dodge and armorand a secondary tanking stat for Death Knights, Protection Warriors and Protection Paladins.

Note that Agility will never be found on Plate Tanking items, but occasionally shows up on non-armor pieces like Rings and Necks. As a general rule, if Agility is not listed as a primary stat for your class and spec there is no need to seek out gear, enchants, or gems that use it. Agility is found on red gems.

Strength is one of the standard statsand most often found on Plate armor items.

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It is very rarely found on Rings, Necklaces, or Cloaks, and only sometimes found on Weapons. In other words every point of Strength gives two points of Attack Power. Strength is found on Red Gems. Spirit was originally designed to be the mana and health regeneration stat, but has been in some ways rebuilt in the expansions. The health regeneration component is vastly ignored, since it does not function while in combat, and health is much faster regained out of combat using food.

Spirit mana regeneration is active in combat, but only five seconds after the last spell has been cast timer starts at the beginning of a spell cast. In Patch 3. Shadow Priests benefit from Spirit because of Improved Spirit Tap which allows them to regenerate additional mana upon critical strikes while casting inside FSR.

Spirit is ignored by Holy Paladins, who favor their mana regeneration to come from critical heals and MP5, and therefore stack Intellect. It is also much less desired by Restoration Shamans who tend to prefer MP5 as well. The Improved Tree of Life talent gives the Druid additional spellpower as a percentage of their Spirit. Holy Priests get a lot from Spirit as well.

Discipline Priests, however, only have two useful Spirit-related talents. The first is, of course, Meditation to help their iFSR regeneration. In general, Discipline healers will prefer gear with MP5, not spirit, but a balance is certainly required. Spirit is found on Blue Gems. Intellect is a magic caster stat, pure and simple. It is useful for every single class that uses mana, so this even extends to Hunters and Enhancement Shamans.

wow stamina calculator

Each point of Intellect gives 15 Mana points for all classes, mobsetc. Intellect also has other attributes. In patch 2. The math on this is incredibly complex and involves finding your base regen which is level dependent and doing lots of things to it, including multiplying and finding square roots.

Instead, if you really want to know just how much the Intellect on a certain piece of gear is going to help or harm you mana regeneration-wise you can use an addon like Rating Buster which does all the math for you.

For many hunters Intellect does nothing for them other than give them a mana pool.I decided to go and level up a DH toto lessen the pain of levelling through the same content again I spent a ton of gold upgrading heirlooms to scale up to At the moment I am but my heirloom item levels are at while the the quest blues are at Has anyone else here used heirlooms over Able to confirm whether they will start scaling properly when I hit or not?

They scale atbut you are gonna be disappointed with the stats. You want XP gains or Stat gains. Definitely want xp over stats but from what I gather stats should be on par and i should only lack azerite traits? Also worth to note that only the azerite pieces arethe quest greens and blues match the same ilvl as your heirlooms. With maybe blues being a little bit higher.

I was using all the looms on my ally pally alt. I still killed mobs fine.

Classic Priest Healer Stat Priority

But the looms will make you squishy. So well the looms currently work for thr exp boost. They could use a healthy stat buff from levels to No one gives a crud about secondary gear while levelling. Plus the mobs scale with item level anyway.

Looms have always had a wonky breakpoint when going from the level cap of the previous x-pac to the next level. Like to or in this case to Plus they have no Secondaries so Main Stat and Stam are much higher than looms. I was going to make an azerite set and a looms set for when I turned in quests. So I just wore looms until I leveled my DH with heirlooms; definitely felt weaker but not enough to counter the extra xp; heirlooms are still worth it for the purpose they serve.Attributes are the basic building blocks for a character's combat ability.

These five attributes along with armor appear on the character info under "Attributes". These are often referred to as simply stats. A number of secondary attributes affect specific areas of combat more directly, and are often influenced in some way by a primary attribute. Secondary attributes include critical strike rate, damage absorption, attack power, spell power, and many others.

All characters inherently have some amount of each attribute that increases with level depending mainly on class. For example, a mage will have more base intellect than a rogue, who will have more base agility. Increasing these attributes is mainly done with equipmentas well as temporary effects such as buffselixirsscrollsaurasand many other means.

Nearly all combat mechanics rely in some way on one or more character attributes. Increasing the appropriate attribute will increase damage done, reduce damage taken, increase healing done, affect a character's mana or healthor other benefits. Understanding how these attributes work is important for effective combat.

wow stamina calculator

AddOns such as RatingBuster [1] can show you the actual improvements in game to your Secondary attributes which are more directly applied to combat mechanics. Strength often abbreviated STR has the following effects:.

Strength does not affect the chance to land a critical strike. Strength does not improve the chance to block. Agility often abbreviated AGI has the following effects:. Agility Equivalence Points is a notable formula for calculating the contribution of agility. It might be outdated with regard to hunters.

Intellect often abbreviated as INT has the following effects:. Intellect will no longer affect increase the mana pool. Stamina often abbreviated STA has the following effects:. Spirit often abbreviated SPI has the following effects:. Spirit is of no use for mages and warlocks due to how their classes' mana regeneration works. Some could argue that Spirit is not a base attribute, since Blizzard groups it under "Enhancements" on the Stat panel of the character window.

Some attributes like Bonus Armor appear as lime green similar to uncommon color on tooltips.Hopefully people find this useful for comparing item benefits and racial starting stats, or for learning how base stats affect different classes in Classic. Did you know that Shamans can build Block with Strength items? In the future I hope to implement a feature where you can paste in a classic.

Will also add a 'Copy to clipboard' link. There are sure to be bugs in this first version so please if you have any comments leave them below. Great addition to the site and looks like it will be v useful when the game comes out! Saw this doing well on reddit before I saw it here!

As per comments there I think the Spirit section needs a rework as the the numbers don't seem quite right why have paladins got such strong health regen? Otherwise you've done a fine job with this and it looks very clean and minimal.

Well done! This is cool AF but with that wowhead feature it will be veeeery convenient. Can see a lot of people using the calculator in the future. Gj man. This will be great to check my gear while leveling.

Not so much informations about it than end game gear.

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What a wonderful tool! I have bookmarked it so it's ready to use when Classic launches! That's correct. It's just one of their unique properties in Vanilla.

wow stamina calculator

This is why Paly was the ultimate uptime PVE class, you barely have to take rests before you're at full recovery. Hello and thanks for your job : As a druid, i was looking for those informations as a tank, but all i see is "in cat form". Is there any difference between cat and bear ratios? If so, where can i get those infos?

Have a nice day! Base Stats Calculator. Page 1 of 1. EU Hydraxian Waterlords. Posts: Likes: More EU Hydraxian Waterlords. More EU Patchwerk.

I absolutely love your work. I like this, I'll definitely be bookmarking this! Sorry, I really looked for this information but found conflicting posts. I haven't played properly since Cata, so I just want to make sure. What are your predictions? How many do you think will drop off after just a few months?Healthhealth points or hit points HP is used to denote the life level for all creatures.


When a creature's health falls to zero or below, it dies. The maximum amount of health a player character has is determined by a combination of the character's level and stamina while the health of NPCs is pre-set by the game developers.

Certain classes also have buffs which temporarily or permanently increase maximum health, such as a Warrior's [ Rallying Cry ] or [ Stance of the Sturdy Ox ]. In general, for player characters tanks have the largest amounts of health while healers and damage dealers have less. For NPCsraid bosses have the largest amounts of health while trash mobs generally have the least. Some generally older items provide passive bonuses to maximum health, and there are also low-level enchants that can give additional increases to health as well.

All player characters have an innate replenishment rate for health out of combat based on character level, which can be increased by sitting down and eating various forms of food. In combat, health does not naturally replenish, but can be restored via healing as well as potions from alchemists and tinkers from engineers.

Some talents such as [ Spirit Bond ] will replenish health in and out of combat.

Warlock : Talent Calculator for Classic WoW

An NPC's health will immediately recover to full if it despawns or travels too far from its normal spawn location after it completes its retreat back to its starting point. Prior to Warlords of Draenorplayers had base health value that was independent of stamina. This value could then subsequently be modified by talentsstaminaenchantsand other item effects. With the release of Warlordsall characters' health derives solely from their stamina and level.

Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. For the paladin resource, see Holy Power. Recovery All player characters have an innate replenishment rate for health out of combat based on character level, which can be increased by sitting down and eating various forms of food. Base health Prior to Warlords of Draenorplayers had base health value that was independent of stamina.

Improvements [ Fel Armor ] boosts maximum health by a flat percentage. You should remove the effect of this talent after doing the computation.

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